Animal hoarders are just as common as any other type of hoarder, and generally originate Animal hoarders typically start out with the best intention of providing a loving home for animals.

Unfortunately, they eventually experience a growing need to take on more animals than anyone is capable of reasonably caring for. Animal hoarders are not intentionally trying to do any harm, they simply reach the point of being unable to handle the intensive responsibilities created by owning a large number of animals. Obviously, such actions can take a massive toll on a home as well as the health of the residents within and must be handled by qualified professional hoarding treatment experts.

Extreme Hoarding Cleanup has provided professional hoarding resolutions for a huge variety of homes which have experienced virtually every facet of animal hoarding including dead animals, animal waste, nesting materials from rodents, and high ammonia levels within these homes.

Our team will sort through the home and save any salvageable items so that they may be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Our technicians will also assess the structural elements of your home in order to address any potential damage. Contact Us directly to return your home back to pre-hoarding condition today!