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I had been living in a total disaster house for more than two years when I finally turned to Alisha and Kenneth at Extreme Hoarding. I want to encourage anyone in the same situation to contact them for help. They came in and changed my life in two days! They were kind, friendly, and non-judgmental. I am so glad I called on them. I found them to be wonderful people who were completely trustworthy, and I could just turn the job over to them with confidence. They did an incredibly thorough emptying and cleaning job, and now I am enjoying my "new" home so much. Thank you, Alisha and Kenneth, for helping me to live this new and happy life! God bless you and the wonderful work you are doing for others.

(Bentonville - Arkansas)

We contacted Kenneth and Alisha after my mother-n-law passed away. Her hoarding item (among other things) was cats and we eventually removed 60 living and deceased cats from the home. I won’t go into detail about how horrible the conditions were but to say that Ken, Alisha and their crew performed many miracles is not an exaggeration. We did our diligence in finding a company to help us clean the home, and after personally calling references, checking prices etc, Extreme Hoarding Cleanup won out over and over.

Not only did they do an outstanding job on such a horrific mess, but they were prompt, professional, did exactly what they said they’d do and more. They offered to come early, stay late, and offered and helped us with things that came up that we didn’t even know we would need help with (like fumigating the house because it was overrun with fleas).

At such a difficult time, we couldn’t have asked for a better team to help us with the task at hand. At one point, upon coming across some items thought to have value, Alisha ordered the crew out of the house and secured it until we could come back. Their protectiveness towards us and their unwavering ethics in doing the right thing impressed me on multiple occasions.

I would recommend Extreme Hoarding and their owners Kenneth and Alicia every day of the week and would be happy to take calls for reference.

I wish them the best as they continue to help others.

Nikole Moore

I loved my brother, but I could not clean up after his death. These wonderful people came in, cleaned the mess and supported me as I finished up after his death, bad part of it was they had already cleaned up my parents house after my brother lived there. They are hard working, kind, scrupulously honest and just all round good people you can trust to go through all of the dirt (real and figurative) that may be there. If you wish to contact me personally, they have my info and I will tell you this in person. You won't do better.

Mary Lou Sinclair

It's amazing how quickly time can change things. One week ago my family was suddenly faced with the depth of a loved ones hoarding compulsion. We were worried and stressed and didn't know who to turn to. We found help with Extreme Hoarding Cleanup and they quickly came to our aide. Kenneth and Alisha Brown and their crew, Sharon and Timothy, were absolute angels. They were firm, yet compassionate, quick, but thorough. By then end of the four day project they had gone from being strangers, to being friends, to being family. We were sad to see them go! I would absolutely recommend their company to anyone faced with a big issue. They will guide you and help you through the entire process. Our family has been greatly blessed by their wisdom and strong muscles! Thank you, EHC, for being our miracle workers!

Denise Henneke

Wow, it's hard to believe how far we've come in less than a month!  I had prayed for an intervention to help get things back in control and I was truly blessed to have been led to "Extreme Hoarding Control" on line.  From the minute I called and spoke with Alisha I felt comfortable with the decision.  The service provided by the Browns is truly a "gift" of lifting the burdens of life for those in need.

The Browns are a professional, non-judgemental, sincere christian couple who undertake whatever it takes to put your house in order!  They are knowledgable of value of items and help you make wise decisions in a very timely manner.  They are interesting to talk with and strive to make the entire experience pleasant and very stress relieving for the employer.  July 11-14, 2016, began the road to "take back" a clean, orderly house where friends used to tease me about color-coding my towels in the linen closet!  

Today we are well on the way to recovery with clutter control, item down-sizing and home maintenance for an anticipated move to a retirement community within the next year.  Since the Brown's "miracle job", our out-of-state son and daughter have been here a couple of times to continue donation trips to Goodwill, selecting what furniture to keep for a much smaller square footage, what they want and what of sell plus minor home maintenance.  In addition, new carpet has been laid in the hallway and four bedrooms, the facia crack on the front corner of the house is scheduled for repair next week plus roof repair to correct ceiling stains when we get heavy rains with high wind is scheduled next week.  Lastly, interior painting will complete the fresh, clean, orderly look!  

Our very heartfelt thanks goes to the Browns for initiating our road to recovery where our days are filled with peace and joy without the burden of looking around and thinking when will we ever get out from under this.  Thank you so much.  May you be truly blessed as you continue to provide the gift of service so many people need in today's society.

Jeanie and Darrell

Extreme Hoarding Cleanup showed up right away to help us dehoarde and clean a super nasty house in Mena, AR. They worked for 3 days in oppressive heat, scouring out 9 years of complete filth. They were professional and thorough. They also never took a dime from me until the job was completed to my satisfaction. I feel they are well worth what I paid and would use them again Highly recommended. .

Bruce Bills