Since every home is different, it's difficult to price a Hoarding Cleanup. Potential clients give us an accurate description of each room. and  how big the house is then we can provide a range as to the cost. The final price will often be on the lower end of the range, but it is never more than the largest amount. For example ,the ranges below are for an average 3- bedroom, 2- bath, 2- car garage home.

  • Level 1 Hoard -$5,800  -$6,200
  • Level 2 Hoard- $7,500 - $8,000
  • Level 3 Hoard- $8,600 - $9,100
  • Level 4 Hoard - $9,500 - $10,200
  • Level 5 Hoard - $11,200 - $12,500

These prices includes all disposal , dumpster, cleaning supplies, and labor.

Each customer is different , each job is different . Please feel free to call  or email for  your free estimate.


There are 5 levels to hoarding. You can see the levels and photo examples of each below.

Level 1 Hoard – Clutter begins to accumulate, but causes no issues with functionality. If it continues may become a problem.
Level 2 Hoard – Typically horizontal surfaces are covered, including countertops, tables, desks, etc. but the home is still usable and there is open floor space.
Level 3 Hoard – In addition to horizontal surfaces being filled, the perimeters of rooms start filling as well, encroaching on the floors and living spaces.
Level 4 Hoard – No Floors are filling up and functionality is almost non existent. There is limited access to many parts of the home.
Level 5 Hoard – The most severe hoards where rooms are not able to be entered; ingress and egress can be completely blocked; the weight of the contents themselves put stress on the structure and become a fire hazard; there are rodent and insect infestations; potential structural hazards and fire dangers present; odors are typically very strong, and neighbors may be complaining

The team at Extreme Hoarding Cleanup is here to assist you in any way we can, and that now includes electronic requests. A plan to declutter your home has never been easier. Submit your photos today and allow the professionals at Extreme Hoarding Cleanup to assist you in enjoying your home sooner than you thought possible.

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